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Code of Honor with Robert Macomber

King Library Summer Programs
King Library
Wednesday, Jun 8, 2022 at 1:30 PM (ET)

Join multi-award-winning author Robert N. Macomber for the story behind his latest epic novel, Code of Honor, which depicts the causes, personalities, and legacy of the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War, which changed America and the world to this day.

Book sale and signing will follow presentation.

Biography: Robert N. Macomber is a multi-award-winning writer, internationally acclaimed lecturer, former Department of Defense consultant, adventurous expedition leader, an accomplished seaman, and a reviewer for the New York Journal of Books. He was named “2020 Florida Writer of the Year” by the Florida Writers Association.

His reputation for historical detail, engaging plots, distinctive characters, helpful maps, extensive bibliographies, and educational endnotes creates eager readers and listeners alike.

He is best known for his "Honor Series", the popular maritime thrillers which describe the life and career of his protagonist, a U.S. naval officer, Peter Wake, from the Civil War in Florida, beyond the Spanish-American War in 1898, and into the early 1900s.

When not traveling for research treks, lecture tours, or book signings, Macomber enjoys cooking exotic cuisines inspired by his novels and sailing quietly among remote islands.

You can also learn more at

Book Description: : On a hot June day in 1904, the Russo-Japanese War is raging in Korea and Rear Admiral Peter Wake, forty-year veteran of naval espionage, ship combat, and guerilla wars, is in his White House office as special assistant to President Theodore Roosevelt. The Perdicaris Hostage Crisis in Morocco has diverted Wake from his critical main project: obtaining Imperial Germany’s 1903 revised invasion plans against the United States. After defusing the hostage mess, Wake and his unique team head for Hamburg and St. Petersburg in grand style on a diplomatic mission. But that’s merely a façade for the false-flag operation to get those German plans.

Even as Wake hobnobs with Kaiser Wilhelm II and Czar Nicholas II, he reconnects with contacts in the sordid world of intelligence. In a perilous evening in St. Petersburg, Wake is trapped by the dreaded Russian Okhrana into joining the Russian fleet as a neutral observer on their 18,000-mile voyage around the world to engage the vastly superior Japanese fleet—a certain death sentence.

Wake’s subsequent trek around Europe, Africa, and Asia leads him into the clutches of the Japanese Black Dragon Society; the cataclysmic Battle of Tsushima, which changed world history; the chaotic Trans-Siberian Railway and Potemkin Mutiny in the 1905 Russian Revolution; the Portsmouth Naval Station peace talks; the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize in Norway—and many different codes of honor.

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